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Category "A" of Firearms license in Slovakia

What is it?
This category gives you permission for concealed firearms carrying.
What am I allowed to carry?
You can purchase and carry only small firearms (handguns) with this license type. Length of barrel is limited to maximum of 300mm (11.81 in.) and overall length is limited to maximum of 600mm (23.62 in.).

For center fired cartriges you may choose between repeating (e.g. revolver type), semi-automatic (e.g. pistol), single-shot or multiple barrel (e.g. Derringer type) weapons.
You may also purchase and carry single shot rimfire type weapon with overall length shorter than 280mm (11.02 in.).

The ammunition to be loaded while carrying is defined as "bullet must be non-expanding AND cannot have hollow".
Other restrictions to ammunition choice while carrying the weapon apply as well - you must avoid unallowed ammunition loading to chamber(s) and magazine to your weapons while carrying those.
At the shooting range you can use ammunition type of your choice.
Visual aid for allowed firearms with "A" type license

Category "E" of Firearms license in Slovakia

What is it?
This category gives you much more freedom for choice of your weapon whether semi-automatic, lever action, bolt action, shotguns, rimfire and of course pistols and revolers.

With this category you will not be able to purchase full automatic weapons.

Use of these weapons is limited to registered shooting ranges but of course the law is allowing to use it for self protection while you are at home, on your way from/to shooting range or at the shooting range itself. Weapon must not be loaded anywhere else except firing line at shooting range and must be transferred between the locations (listed in weapon card - usually home address and sport shooting ranges) unloaded and holstered. The magazines may be loaded while transfer but can not be inserted into the weapon.

What else am I allowed to?
You can purchase components for ammunition reloading and load/develop ammunition for you own use only.
Visual aid for allowed equipment with "E" type license


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